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Bosch was 32798 me

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Write This Book: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery (The Secret Series) - Pseudonymous Bosch

This imaginative companion to the New York Times bestselling Secret Series teases, prompts, and leads readers through the steps of writing a story. Bosch's signature rip-roaring voice delivers an engaging narrative (for the reader to help complete!) and interactive puzzles and games. Readers get the chance to create their own story while enjoying a satisfying ...

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Wrong Side Of Goodbye - Michael Connelly

Only Harry Bosch can uncover LA's darkest secrets in this new gripping thriller from global bestseller Michael Connelly. 'What do you want me to do?' Bosch asked again. 'I want you to find someone for me,' Vance said. 'Someone who might not have ever existed.' Harry Bosch is working as a part-time detective in the town of San Fernando outside of Los Angeles, when he gets ...

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