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Cd passenger

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TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 3) -...

Four chilling tales take you into a world where anything can happen. Charles Dickens adds extra horror to his famous tale of a haunted railwayman. In Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story, ‘Ligeia’, the ghost of a beautiful woman returns and defeats death. E. Nesbit shows us how there really is a good reason to be scared of the dark. And F. M. Crawford tells of a ship’s passeng...

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America from the Air: A Guide to the Landscape Along Your Route - Daniel Mathews, James S. Jackson

An illustrated guide, in both book and CD-ROM, of landscapes seen from commercial airplane windows across the United States.This is a guide to what an airline passenger sees from his seat while flying over the United States. Through its ingenious construction and a map of preferred flight paths, its easy to find those pages that correspond to whatever flight ...

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