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Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty

Unwilling to bend a knee to the devil-worshipers of Cheliax, the people of Andoran declared themselves a free country where all men and women had the right to choose their own rulers. Unique among the lands of Golarion, Andoran is a representative democracy; foreign nobles declare it a doomed experiment, yet simultaneously fear that the power of its philosophy may cause p...

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Fodor's Caribbean 2016 (Full-color Travel Guide) - Fodor's Travel Guides

Written by locals, Fodor's travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years. Fodors correspondents highlight the best of the Caribbean, including Anguillas powdery white beaches, Bonaire's colorful coral reefs, and the scenic beauty of Jamaica's Blue Mountains. Our local experts vet every recommendation to ensure you make the most o...

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<br><p><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Ttitul pro accordion obsahující neuvěřitelných 138 světově známých titulů ze všech oblastí hudby - pochody, spirituály, valčíky, swing a jazz, latin, svatební písně, koncertní melodie, milostné písně a dalších a dalších oblastí a zákoutí hudby. Skladby jsou doplněny o prstoklad,...

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