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Tascam dr 08

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Tascam PS-P515U

síťový zdroj pro Tascam produkty DR-05, DR-07mkII, DR-08, DR-40, iU2, DR-08, GB-10, LR-10, napájecí USB konektor

Doprava: 130 Kč
Dostupnost: do 30 dnů
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protivětrný kryt pro GT-R1,DR-1,DR-2d,DR-05,DR-07MKII,DR-40,DR-100MKII Windscreen for DR-Series Handheld Recorders WS-11 windscreen uses artificial fur to block even the highest wind gusts from the internal mics of TASCAM recorders. The windscreen works in both XY and AB position. Compatible Models: DR-1, GT-R1, DR-2d, DR-05, DR-07, DR-07mkII, DR-40, DR-100, DR-100mkII ※H...

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Dostupnost: skladem
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externí battery pack, lze použít místo PS-P515 The BP-6AA is an external battery pack for TASCAM handheld recorders. It mounts to the bottom of your handheld recorder using a tripod screw and powers the handheld recorder through the USB cable. Since the BP-6AA itself also has a tripod connector, it can be mounted to a desktop stand. The BP-6AA battery pack increases DR-40...

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Dostupnost: do 5 dnů
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AC adaptér, USB konektor pro DR-05, DR-07MKII, DR-08, DR-40

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Dostupnost: neudáno
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